Lowbed Trailer Hire

At ZimLowbeds we are lowbed transport specialists, ready to transport any load from local short term transport to cross border and long term contract transport. Loads from under 20 Tons to over 100 Ton abnormal loads.

available capacity

60 ton lowbed 3 Axle

Working platform dimensions: 9000mm X 3000mm X 1250mm Loading capacity: 60tons

80 ton lowbed 4 Axle

Working platform dimensions: 13700mm X 3200mm X 1250mm Loading capacity: 80tons

100 ton lowbed 5 Axle

Working platform dimensions: 13700mm X 3400mm X 1250mm Loading capacity: 100tons

150 ton lowbed 8 Axle

Working platform dimensions: 13200mm X 4000mm X 1250mm Loading capacity: 150tons

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If you need a piece of heavy equipment moved within Zimbabwe, or cross border into South Africa, Zambia, DRC, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique we are the transport company you have been looking for.