Dryer Cord Installation Guide

Dryer Cord Installation Guide

These pages will walk you through the steps in setting up and replacing a dryer cord. There are 2 kinds of cords: three cable cords and four cable cords. One most regularly expected concern I have about dryers is “where could I find an adapter so my cable will plug to the receptacle?” My response is constantly they just do not make an adapter for dryer cords. Another common concern we get is” i recently bought a dryer, why didn’t it include a cord?” My answer is some homes have actually three cable receptacles plus some have actually four wire receptacles therefore dryers do not have cable.

Never ever try to replace the receptacle within your house to match your cable always replace the cable.

Recognize the kind of dryer cable you want

The step that is first setting up a dryer cord is always to determine the type of cord you want. Have a look at your dryer receptacle on your own wall. Some homes have actually four-wire receptacles plus some have actually three wire receptacles. This simply will depend on once the wiring had been done and just what the rule is at enough time. Never ever try to replace the receptacle, constantly install the correct cable that corresponds towards the form of receptacle your property has. Below is a photo that may help you figure out the sort of receptacle you have got.

Keep in mind that the receptacle will have screw gap in the biggest market of the receptacle. Don’t mistake this screw gap for the additional cable.

Install Three-Wire Cord

This area of these pages will explain just how to put in a three cable cord. In case the household has a three-wire receptacle you need to put in a three cable cable. Most three cable cords have actually three grey cables in line with one another. The dyer will have terminal block with three posts, which correspond every single associated with the cable cables. The post into the center may be the wire that is neutral which will be additionally used as a ground generally there must be a cable or a strap linking the guts post to ground. Dryers feature a band or cable linking the center post to ground however, if there clearly was previously a four-wire cable on the dryer it might be missing. When there is maybe not just a band or cable linking the middle post to ground you have to look for a wire to take action. This cable should be at the lebecauset as large as the cables in the cable. This will be significant because if this ground band is not provide the dryer won’t be grounded and will cause shock that is electric by pressing the dryer. Link the middle wire associated with cable towards the center post regarding the dryer terminal block. Connect the 2 outside cables towards the two post that is outside the dryer terminal block. The dryer cord is sold with a clamp, do the installation along with your cable is installed. The diagram below should help.

Install Four-Wire Cord

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